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Mohegan Bluffs - watercolor
South East Light - watercolor
North Light-from afar watercolor
Paintings of Block Island, New England, Alaska, and other locals.

​While my professional background is as both an interior designer and an architect, I have been painting for over 30 years. I work in watercolor, and my subject matter is usually landscapes.  

All of my art is painted outside, on location (also called pleine air painting). This allows me to experience the amazing effects of light on colors and textures. Even more important for me though is that this also helps me to be “in the moment” and to more fully experience these great places.  

Painting in one spot, and focusing on one view for several hours really helps me to “see” what is there, and what makes each place special. That includes the sounds, sights, smells, wildlife and the climate of the particular place. 

In the past, this has included surprise visits from ravens, two weasels, as well as a momma bear and her three cubs. Other surprises such as sudden rain storms, strong winds, and whatever else mother nature wants to whip up, keep things interesting. 
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My work has been influenced by a love of nature, color, and light, as well as the inspiration from workshops taken with some very talented artists. These include Betty Lou Schlemm, Mel Stabin, Brian Atyeo, Tony van Hasselt, David Lang, Staats Fasoldt, Bob Collins and William Vrscak.

I have painted extensively on Block Island.  Having vacationed there for most of my life, Block Island is in my blood. 

I also have painted lighthouses all over the US. Other painting locations include Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Alaska, Arizona, California, Utah, Wyoming, Lake George, New York and New Mexico.   Please write or call me if you'd like to see my work from a specific area.

Knowing that most of us appreciate art, but can't always afford to buy original artwork, so in addition to selling original artwork, I also create gifts from my artwork. 

Offerings vary so contact me for full listing.  These have included band-aid boxes, post-it notes, coasters, writing and art journals, magnets, & matted prints.  Special requests considered.
From 2010-2012  I was Assistant Director of the Riverside Gallery in Cambridge, MA.                         www.facebook.com/RiversideGallery